Basic Advertising Guidelines – Policies

Be Honest In Your Advertisement

Don’t over-inflate your product, service or offer in the hopes of getting more customers and sales. If your offer isn’t accurate or your product can’t deliver – then you might end up getting more complaints than sales.

Also, if you’re offering 50% off (or any discounted value) in your advertisement on our site – you must fulfill your end of the bargain when the customer shows it to you on their cell phone or when claiming it in any other way. Repeated complaints of “not delivering” will get advertisers banned from our site.

Be Generous and Give Value to your customers!

Look at our advertising prices; they’re the lowest you’ve seen for the quality we deliver – but that is what keeps you coming back for more. Take the fact that we’ve discounted our prices heavily to you so that you can turn around and discount for your customers. You’ll find that this “Give – Give” scenario will work wonders for you.

Keep it clean – no unnecessary skin or partial nudity of any kind.

BoiseSmartAds is, and always will be, a family friendly website. As an advertiser, you are expected to be professional and “family friendly” in the portrayal of your business, products and services. We will NOT accept – or tolerate – any form of excessive skin or partial nudity as stated below:

  1.  No bare backs, abdomens, torsos, short-shorts, underwear, etc.
  2.  No cleavage or revealing attire for men, women or children.
  3.  No plumbers with “butt cracks” peeking out. :)
  4.  Keep it clean – you know what we’re talking about.

The internet is full of garbage as it is – you know this already. But our site will NOT be littered by careless advertisers trying to get the attention of our site viewers. We reserve the right to remove, ban, deny, etc… – any and all images, content wording, and or advertisers when we determine your content to be inappropriate for visitors of all ages.

Example 1: If you are a gym owner, show classy pictures of your equipment or fully clothed individuals working out. Do NOT send us cheesy pictures of someone wearing a towel while slipping into a sauna or climbing into a tanning bed.

Example 2: If you are a chiropractor, show the inside of your facilities, a picture of your staff – do NOT send us images of a patient lying half-naked on a treatment bed.

You get the idea, please keep it clean or we will return and reject your ad. We reserve the right to refuse any business for any reason whatsoever – so please be professional and work with us to keep our site clean for even the youngest or purest of viewers.

You must own the content in your advertisement.

You are NOT allowed to use the photos of any other businesses. You may not send or submit to us images that you’ve stolen, borrowed, or copied off of the internet. You must have the legal right to use any image, photo, content, text, or wording that you submit to us for your advertisement. You, the advertiser, will take full legal responsibility for using stolen content in your advertisement.